Five Reasons to use a Third Party Maintenance company like SL3 to extend the life of your IT equipment:

1. Cost Savings- OEMs charge a premium for after-warranty services.  We do not.

2. Flexibility- We offer a variety of SLAs, contract terms tailored to your equipment, and an ability to mix-and-match as needed by you.

3. Multi-vendor Support- SL3 services a large variety of manufacturers.

4. Single POC- If a problem arises in your systems, you only have one call to make if they are all covered by our contracts.

5. Objective Assessment- OEMs wish to sell you their equipment, whether it is what’s best for you or not.  SL3 does not have a vested interest in any one manufacturer, so our recommendations are based on what is best for you, the client.

Using SL3’s Maintenance Services instead of a pricey OEM’s services can reduce your monthly IT spend by 40 to 60%. 

For IT managers struggling to streamline budgets, this is a cost savings that must not be overlooked.