Today’s IT environment has consolidated and maximized server performance for optimal use of hardware resources. These resources are pushed to their limits in the quest for efficiency. Since all of your services are now in a smaller amount of physical resources, it is more critical than ever to keep this environment operational.

SL3‘s Network Server Suite services provide you with vital information in a timely manner to allow you to react quickly and bring your system back to 100% operational status. Our service monitors your hardware onsite and in the event of a failure you will get notification with the failed part, replacement, and a short guide on how to do that replacement with estimated time to replacement.



Within the IBM i operating system, SL3 Technologies can monitor.

– Hardware
– Software
– Security
– Work Management


Network Server Suite for the Windows®, AIX® and Linux® operating platforms contains the following monitors.

– Event Log Monitors Group (Standard)
– Event Log Monitors Group (Additional)
– Performance Monitors
– System Monitors
– TCP Monitors


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